Skylight is a great home feature that adds value and beauty to a house while allowing in natural light in areas like converted attics, master bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchens. Similar to other window types, skylights also needs to be maintained and taken care of regularly. But, skylights are can’t easily be reached by most property owners. Thankfully, my window cleaners can help you with that since they are comprised of expert window cleaners who can take care of your skylights at ease. Here are some of the tips from the window cleaning experts about maintaining skylights.

Dealing with debris, dirt, and dust

Debris, dirt, and dust are naturally accumulated on the surfaces of your windows all over your house, and your skylight is not exempted from this. Though rain can somehow wash away a few of them, it’s still not enough. Skylights and windows are needed to be cleaned regularly since the accumulated grime can become damaging eventually. Moreover, the gathered debris, dirt, and dust can etch your glass, which eventually causes cracks and scratches in materials like acrylic or plastic.

Your skylight’s interior part also needs to be maintained regularly. The dirt and dust gather inside your skylight. If you ignore this, it obscures the natural light eventually, making it unappealing. The build-up of dust on your skylight’s interior can also minimize its long-term durability and impact its surface. Based on the location and height, you can possibly dust if every week with an extended pole. But, when it comes to both exterior and interior washing, it is usually a lot safer to just hire an expert window cleaner.

This is definitely the greatest option for you to have it entirely cleaned efficiently, safely, and professionally. Moreover, these experts can help detect problems that should be fixed right away.

Cleaning tips for various skylight materials

Regardless of your skylight is acrylic, plastic, laminated glass, or tempered glass, it still needs to be maintained regularly. Basically, laminated or tempered glass skylight provides durability and greatly respond to regular cleaning. And if you fail to stick to its cleaning schedule, they can be etched sooner or later. Staining from bird droppings, berries, and tree sap can also take place and might be impossible or challenging to get rid of once left unattended.

Meanwhile, acrylic and plastic skylights may have particular care and cleaning solutions in comparison to glass. Usually, they are more prone to stains and scratch. Because of that, they definitely need a routine maintenance schedule and professional care.

Checklist for skylight maintenance

Here’s a checklist for skylight maintenance despite what surface material is used. The following can include but not restricted to:

  • Motor and gear test/check for skylights with such functions
  • Leak inspection at all attached points, inspect flashing
  • Thorough surface check for etching, scratches, holes, and cracks
  • Proper drying to remove streaking
  • Stain removal and surface cleaning

If you feel that you can’t do that all by yourself due to a busy schedule, then feel free to reach out to your trusted window cleaners today.