Listed below are some of the examples that you can base as inspiration to demonstrate that you can paint the same color on your trim and walls in your house. If you ask your trusted painting contractor to do so, you will wind up with a classic result that would look great in any room size and with any decoration type you choose. Helps make something stand out. 


Similar to how paint can be utilized to trick the eye into having everything blended well, you can also apply it to make a particular room feature be highlighted. When you want something in your room to stand out, consider painting the entire room aside from that spot out so that it can be highlighted using a different color.  

Make that cabinet feel built-in 

Painting your built-in shelving, trim, and walls all the similar color can provide your room an even color palette so that you can choose which features you’re planning to highlight. Similar to receding your ornate trim, the same thing will happen with your shelves. If you paint them a similar color as the trim and walls will enable the built-in structure to collapse away so you can easily see what’s on them.  

Hiding ornate trim 

When you own an ornate trim but you also want to come up with a cleaner and more modern look in your room, painting the trim and your walls a similar color can help the trim to recede. Moreover, painting a similar color to your trim and walls can help the eye flow all over your space so that you will not pick up on the trim’s style as easily as if it popped out from the color of your wall.  

Matching the trim and walls 

Painting the ceiling, trim, and walls all white enables the other elements in your room to be the center of attraction. That’s because you are providing a clean backdrop to your room so your artwork, furniture, and statement pieces can be highlighted well.  

Opening a small room 

If you have a small room, you can make it feel and look bigger by painting the same color to your trim and walls. Your eye will not get a marked ending spot similar to how it does if you paint different colors on your trims and walls. Step it up and try to paint the same color to your ceiling at the same time. When the room’s accents are quite bright or the color is sufficiently light, it will not feel as if you are in a cave at all.  

Maintaining a cohesive design 

Other designs just look greater if the trim and walls are painted with a similar color. With that, you’re not cutting up your room’s visual lines, keeping everything seamless and cohesive. It is a classic look that can bring attention to the entire room so that you can experience the design and not the separate features that make it up.